NatRoad declares support for National Heavy Vehicle Laws

NatRoad members have voted to support proposed National Heavy Vehicle Laws to underpin the establishment of a National Heavy Vehicle Regulator from 1 January 2012.

The vote took place during the parliamentary session of the annual NatRoad Conference 2012 held 2-4 August at the Hyatt Regency Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast, Queensland.

NatRoad President Geoff Crouch said that the public declaration of support by Australia’s largest road transport operator’s association would help persuade other industry and government stakeholders to support the landmark national reform.

“The need for national heavy vehicle laws is obvious. Trucks and their cargo cross state and territory boarders many thousands of times every day and unnecessary regulatory inconsistencies are costing drivers, operators and the national economy,” Crouch said.

“With a primary bill currently before the Queensland Parliament and an amending bill under consideration by transport ministers on 13 August 2013, now is the time for stakeholders to put aside their differences and support these laws, which are clearly in the national interest.”

If passed in Queensland, it is expected that the laws will be adopted by all other states and territories with benefits of around $12.4 billion in net present value over 20 years. 

“An important element of the NatRoad decision requires that the amending bill be passed in Queensland with at least New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia adopting the consolidated laws before the regulator commences full operational capacity,” said Crouch.

Crouch also said that transport ministers should make a specific commitment to adequately resource the Forward Work Program and to ongoing consultation with industry during the transition process.

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