NatRoad critques heavy vehicle registration system

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) has expressed concern over the implementation of a proper national registration system for heavy vehicles, as originally intended when the National Heavy Vehicle Law (NHVL) was introduced.

The latest amendments to the National Heavy Vehicle Law will remove all provisions related to the National Heavy Vehicle Registration Scheme and replace them with provisions allowing the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) to hold a database of registrations. State transport authorities will continue to manage all registration related functions, such as new registrations, renewals and changes to registration details.

The NHVR has assured the commercial road transport industry that it is still going ahead with a staged approach to implementation, with the first phase being rolled out from 1 July 2018. This will involve the following: a new national heavy vehicle plate and a nationally consistent plate fee in participating states and territories; the removal of heavy vehicle registration labels; an option for fleet operators to set common registration expiry dates (while this is already an option in most jurisdictions, common expiry dates will be able to be applied for two or more heavy vehicle registrations in all jurisdictions); and free read-only access to fleet registration details on the NHVR digital portal.

“These changes to heavy vehicle registration don’t go far enough,” NatRoad said in a statement.

“The National Heavy Vehicle Registration Scheme was designed to benefit industry by introducing common practices, processes and fees, making it easier and cheaper to operate by reducing cross-border red tape and fleet management administrative costs.

“But we are still a long way off from a completely national registration system.”

NatRoad continues to work with the NHVR on registration related issues.

Earlier this year, the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA) reported historic, strong growth from 2017 continuing into 2018 for new heavy vehicle registrations.

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