NatRoad backs mandated stability control in heavy vehicles

The Commonwealth Government should mandate stability control in all heavy vehicles, according to National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) CEO, Warren Clark.

In a submission lodged with the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities on 2 February 2018, NatRoad urged the Government to require all new heavy vehicles and trailers to be fitted with electronic stability control (ESC) or roll stability control (RSC).

“The consultation regulation impact statement sets out the case for mandating ESC for new heavy trucks and buses and RSC for heavy trailers, through modification of the Australian Design Rules.

“The preferred Government option is to limit this mandatory requirement to heavy vehicles exclusive of heavy rigid vehicles. It does so based on the assumption that there is a higher probability of prime movers being involved in a fatal or serious injury crash involving a rollover or loss of control.

“But NatRoad supports broader implementation because we place road safety as a top priority. The NatRoad preferred option is projected by the Government to save an additional 24 lives over 15 years and avoid an additional 412 serious injuries to workers and the public.

“Whilst this comes at an additional cost to industry, NatRoad supports the use of engineering controls as a reasonably practicable measure to minimise the hazards and associated risks of roll-overs. We are therefore supportive of the prospective mandating of ESC and RSC systems in new heavy vehicles.

“The Government proposals about timing are supported,” said Clark. “They provide an adequate lead-in time for the industry to adapt.”

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