National urban policy support

NTC Chief Executive, Nick Dimopoulos, said that the development of a national urban policy is essential to addressing the complex challenges facing Australia’s transport system.

In a submission to the Commonwealth Government’s Our Cities – building a productive, sustainable and liveable future discussion paper, Mr Dimopoulos stated, “Productivity and competitiveness are key goals for nations as they grow the economy and improve living standards. Australian cities are major units of the national economy and where most Australians live.” However, he said, transport productivity has been at a standstill or declining in many Australian cities.

“The sustainability and efficiency of our transport system is also facing a number of significant challenges such as population growth, congestion, accessibility, energy security and climate change.”

The NTC submission highlights key issues within urban policy related to regulatory and operational reform, including:
• ensuring pricing signals appropriately influence the supply and demand of using our transport infrastructure
• the integration of land-use planning and transport policies
• establishing government structures that support integrated transport systems
• removing barriers in the wider take-up of emerging technologies (e.g. in-vehicle technologies and electric cars)

In its submission, the NTC revealed that it is currently undertaking research to inform the future national transport reform agenda for moving people and goods, which will complement the work being undertaken by the Commonwealth Government.

“The Smart Transport for a Growing Nation work will involve the NTC collaborating with government and industry to identify the role NTC can play in enhancing the performance of Australia’s transport system, in both urban and regional areas,” said Mr Dimopoulos.
“We look forward to working closely with the Commonwealth and all governments on an urban transport reform agenda which will make our cities even better places to live, work and play.”

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