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Responding to customer needs has prompted Scully RSV to further expand its operations, this time into Western Australia.

For over 30 years Scully RSV has been servicing customers Australia-wide, predominantly out of its east coast fixed operations.

However in 2022, with the rapid expansion of assets already on the ground in Western Australia, it became crucial that it opened a local branch in Perth.

Scully RSV National Sales Manager, Glenn Smith, says regular feedback from customers – in particular those that operate fleets nationally – played a major role in Scully’s continued expansion.

“We’re in some way in partnership with our customers following them into new locations to support their growth and expansion,” he says. “Our customers, particularly those large cold chain logistics suppliers, are already taking our truck and trailer fleet to areas where we aren’t currently, and WA was an example of that. Customer feedback is key and listening to them telling us the areas where they need increased capacity, will feature as part of our plans.”

Since joining the Scully RSV team Glenn noted that the business’ growth had been extraordinary.

“We’ve grown our national fleet of trucks and trailers to about 1,000 assets on short- and long-term hire, but all of this growth isn’t possible without the hard work and dedication of our ever -growing team of people,” he says.

“With new branches in locations regionally, including North Queensland and now WA, we are proud to be employing local people to do business with local people.”

Scully RSV manufactures its rigid truck fleet in Brisbane, and by working with reputable and premium OEMs such as ThermoKing, the company is very much defined by quality products it sources and uses.

This commitment to durable applications is a necessity as the majority of Scully’s buyers are taking their vehicles into places that demand quality and reliability.

Toyota HiLux 2.7l petrol ute fitted with premium fibreglass body.

Mining sectors in the middle of Western Australia, for instance, or from Brisbane to Darwin, or the 900-kilometre trek west of Townsville to Mount Isa.

“We pride ourselves on our quality and work with the most reputable, reliable brands that give our customers some surety that we have boots on the ground to ensure wherever our vehicles travel to, we’re there to support it,” Glenn says.

Scully specialises in refrigerated fleet solutions and in particular the refrigerated truck space working with market leaders and Japanese OEMs such as Hino and Isuzu, who are well recognised throughout transport as top-tier suppliers.

Glenn explains that Scully has truly refined their fleet manufacturing process over the years and can offer much more than just the industry standard because of their key OEM partner relationships and craftsmanship of each truck.

“We have a fairly standardised specification that we build and put into our fleet, so our customer can create a training module for their team on how to use a Scully asset and its technology, and that will be the same in WA as it is in every state in the nation,” he says.

“As a manufacturer, we have full control of quality on our rigid truck fleet, in particular.”

Scully’s trailer specifications, to this end, are held to the same standard. According to Glenn they receive an equally high treatment as every other configuration Scully offers.

“We do the same in the trailer space with the manufacturers like Vawdrey and Maxi-Cube that both produce a quality product,” Glenn says.

As well as having access to a complete fleet solution from utes to trucks and heavy-duty semi-trailers, customers can hire Scully vehicles for short- or long-term periods.

As a result, those who get the chance to secure Scully’s fleet also get the peace of mind that each vehicle was built to the utmost standard, which is reinstated through regular maintenance and servicing procedures.

As Scully continues to grow in WA, there have been endless opportunities to work with local businesses and recruit locally — directly benefitting communities.

“Moving into WA was the next logical place for us to go to service that customer base,” Glenn says.

“We’ll continue to look for opportunities for customer feedback on how we can best service their needs.”

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