National Ports Strategy

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Anthony Albanese have announced the release of a new National Ports Strategy. Covering both bulk commodity ports and container ports, the strategy looks at the increased pressure on ports as trade levels continue to double every 10 years.

“The release of the national ports strategy highlights the importance of Australia’s ports to our economic growth,” said National Transport Commission CEO, Nick Dimopoulos. “The strategy is about creating a coordinated approach from all levels of government to planning for ports and their road and rail links.

“This type of long-term planning will not only assist governments that give industry more confidence to invest in our ports. The national ports strategy is a vital part of the comprehensive national freight strategy being developed to provide an overarching national freight plan for Australia. This type of nationally co-ordinated planning will ensure that all modes that shape road and rail operate harmoniously with one another.”

The strategy was developed by the NTC and will now be presented to the Council of Australian Governments to be endorsed.

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