Narva 225 driving lamp

The launch of the Narva Ultima 225 driving lamps onto the world market in 2008 secured immediate and wide acclaim for their styling and performance.

At that time, the new lamp was the culmination of more than three years research and development by Narva and leading Swedish automotive design and lighting experts. Narva’s expertise played an important part in this development ensuring it would stand up to the harsh Australian environment and therefore meet the demands of any other country it was destined to be sold at.

As a result of Narva’s continuous improvement policy, the Ultima 225 driving lamp has just got a whole lot better, setting some of the highest standards amongst the world’s best driving lamps.

All options of the lamp such as standard Halogen; Halogen Blue plus the Xenon High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D) lamps in 12 and 24 Volt have received the benefit of this upgrade adding additional strength, safety and mounting features.

Major developments to the lamp’s extra tough glass reinforced polymer housing now allows the ballast on the H.I.D version to be accommodated internally. This provides additional safety, protection against the elements and saves additional mounting.

The design team took up the challenge of designing a best-in-class mounting system with enhanced stability, coupled with versatility and ease of fitting. Bolt holes on the bracket have been repositioned so that they can be reversed, allowing improved forward and aft movement to suit a variety of applications on 4WDs, trucks, coaches and off-road vehicles. An 8mm interlocking spacer block has been added to provide improved height adjustment for various mounting platforms and additional strength is built into the glass reinforced housing with a special aluminium ‘crush tube’ inserted to give extra strength and stability.

Finishing off the professional styling of the lamp, snap-fit bracket caps have been fitted providing increased security against theft or tampering.

Packaging for the upgraded Ultima 225 lamp range has also received some major attention from Narva’s industrial design team with spectacular results as these premium lamps enter a new phase.                                     

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