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A new award is to be presented at the next Australian Trucking Convention. It will be awarded to acknowledge acts of bravery by Australian truck drivers and will be presented as part of the National Trucking Industry Awards Night at the ATA convention.

The new award is being sponsored by Continental Tyres Australia, but as yet, does not have a name. The award will need a name before the ATA and Continental can start calling for nominations to be considered to receive the award.

“The award will be a great opportunity for the industry to pay tribute to those who go above and beyond the call of duty in their job,” said ATA Chairman David Simon. “The award will help promote the industry to the wider community and therefore needs a name that reflects its importance.

“There is a great prize for the person who nominates the award’s new name. Continental has donated four new tyres for a private passenger vehicle or ute for the winning entry. This new award will be a significant achievement in the industry and the ATA hopes someone in the trucking community will come up with a name that reflects the importance of the award and the industry’s commitment to safety and professionalism.”

The new award is intended to improve road safety awareness and encourage positive perceptions of the trucking industry. To qualify for consideration, nominees must be full-time professional employee truck drivers or owner operators and they need to have been doing their job at the time of the incident which is the subject of the nomination.

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