Motorkote Hyper Lubricant

Designed to help reduce engine wear and minimise maintenance costs, Motorkote Hyper Lubricant is a premium synthetic formula that has been specially formulated for hard working engines. This product lasts four oil changes and does not void any warranties.

Motorkote works by molecularly bonding to all metal surfaces on contact placing a microscopic layer of lubrication on everything it touches, resulting in reduced friction and protection against cold starts. The antioxidants in MotorKote keep metal parts free from corrosion for the lifetime of the application further reducing wear.

MotorKote is not an additive, it does not need oil to work and does not mix with oil. Instead, it uses oil as a host to reach all metal parts. Once the parts are treated with MotorKote, the metal is protected from cold starts and friction. The formula is fully compatible with all types of oils and has no solids, substrates, silicone, graphite or molybdenum. It can be used in engines, manual and automatic transmissions, differentials, power steering, grease, hydraulics, two and four stroke engines, motorcycles, racing, aviation and over 100 other uses.

Recommended use is 60mL of MotorKote Hyper Lubricant per litre of oil every four oil changes or 80,000kms.

Oil test analysis before and after the application of MotorKote can demonstrate that it reduces wear on metal surfaces and can double the life of the equipment.

Other benefits are less wasted energy that translates into a reduction of fuel consumption of around 25 percent; equipment reliability; reduced downtime; and a reduction in labour costs and parts.

The company says that MotorKote has been tested under the most strenuous conditions available and has outperformed leading competitors on the Falex Timken Bearing test and other certified tests. In Dynamometer tests, MotorKote consistently achieved increases in horsepower and torque ranging from 7 to 20 percent. The company also says that when MotorKote Hyper Lubricant was added to the transmission, differential and crankcase, these results were increased even further.

As an added benefit, MotorKote offers free evaluations to fleets using a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) to estimate the return on investment MotorKote Hyper Lubricant can provide including savings in fuel, maintenance, parts and extended life of the vehicle.

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