More the Merrier

One Renault Master wasn’t enough for Team Tank Logistics to carry out its expanding operations, so it has returned to Renault several times to add more high-quality vans to its fleet.

Team Tank Logistics (TTL) is a specialised courier service based in Bendigo, Victoria. Trading since 2013, it is predominantly focused on providing specialised services through the transportation of a large variety of products varying from white goods and furniture to light freight solutions and contract pallet loads.

“We do everything and anything, really,” says TTL Director, Daniel Rowell. “We are a specialised courier service that offers high quality and affordable delivery services direct to the customer’s door by appointment only.”

TTL was originally run as a one-man-operation by Daniel until he made the decision to expand. So, he purchased another van from Renault and hired another staff member. Since then, the company has expanded even further and has added two new Trafics to its fleet.

Both Trafics have a long wheelbase, providing extra length to transport furniture and other large items in TTL’s daily operations.

“We regularly deliver for a play equipment company out of Melbourne and a number of other corporate customers that require delivery of items three metres long, so the longer wheelbase means we don’t have to take a larger van to do these things, we can run down in the Trafic and get the job done,” Daniel says.

The bulkhead in particular was a specific requirement for the team as TTL often stacks parcels to the roof, allowing it to further utilise the entire cargo area. The current model Trafic also comes with a 7.0-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is another one of TTL’s favourite features.

“Being in a delivery industry, the way that Apple CarPlay syncs is great,” Daniel says. “We use it to route all our deliveries, and it puts them in the most efficient order. Once one delivery is completed, we can then see which one is next. It’s just really helpful and it streamlines our day. I can also communicate with my staff, whether it’s by email or just message.”

Before switching to the Trafic, Daniel had been using Renault’s Master models. However, he explains that he was looking for something smaller and easier to get around town.

“We needed a bit of length in the van, but we didn’t really need a bigger van, and the Trafic offered all of that in one,” he says.

“We use the Trafics more locally where we’re doing multiple stops, in and out of town. They’re great for parking and we do scoot up to Melbourne a fair bit in them as well, so they’re really fuel efficient. They’re comfortable to drive.”

Economy is a major factor for TTL. It is currently running four vans, and with the price of fuel at present, it is essential that the vans deliver every penny worth.

As a result, Daniel says the team can get 1,000 kilometres done on highway conditions within a full tank.

“Renault’s economy side of things is definitely a bonus,” he says. “I could probably get even more out of it if I use the economy button, but I don’t. That, in itself, demonstrates the Trafic’s efficiency.”

Daniel found his first Master to be very reliable. The complete experience from purchasing the vehicle to receiving it proved to be exceptional. This initial impression is what convinced him to consider another option from Renault.

“We found it easier to deal with, and being based in Bendigo, there wasn’t any issue with doing the deal over the phone with the dealer in Melbourne,” he says. “The reliability was the main thing that attracted us, and the price point was just right.”

TTL is also utilising a Trafic Crew van which Daniel has found is contributing to no end across many aspects of his daily life. Being a small business, the team is constantly working around family commitments and other requirements. The Trafic Crew allows Daniel to drop off his younger kids at day care and then go straight to a job and unload a pallet.

“As a small business and having younger kids, the flexibility of being able to do both things at the same time was a real bonus with the Trafic Crew,” he says.

Another bonus Daniel finds very effective is the fact that the vans can be serviced every 30,000 kilometres, as opposed to every 10,000 kilometres.

Overall, the whole experience of dealing with Renault has been nothing short of convenient for Daniel and the team at TTL, who are certain they will be completing even more orders in the near future.

“The reliability of them has been really good, we haven’t had any major issues,” he says. “We’ve had around seven or eight vans over the years, and it’s just been fantastic. I’ll definitely be buying a couple more in the not-too-distant future.”

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