Modular AB triple

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has applied to the NSW government, on behalf of its members, to use modular AB-triples on a route through NSW from the Victoria to the Queensland border.

This route follows current approved road train routes and would be for AB-triple combinations using standard component vehicles up to a maximum of 42.5 metres in length. The proposed route begins at Echuca on the Victorian border, and then travels through Deniliquin, Hay, Goolgowi, Hillston, Cobar and Bourke on its way through NSW. The route then finishes at Barringun on the Queensland border.

This is the first time the ATA has applied for a route approval directly. “The ATA hopes this application will set the groundwork for further improved access decisions in the future. As the application is for a gazette notice, if approved this route would then be available to all operators,” said ATA National Policy Manager, David Coonan.

“The obvious benefit of this route would be the ability to use the higher productivity vehicle combinations through NSW. In addition to this, when considering a freight task, these higher efficiency combinations mean an overall reduction in fuel consumption and road wear along this route.

“Another advantage of the ATA’s application is that if the route is not approved due to problems with the roads or bridges, then we can take those problems directly to the New South Wales and Australian governments and seek funding to get them fixed.”

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