Ministers urge drivers to be alert around schools

Motorists and road transport workers around the country are urged to be aware of the reduced speed limits around schools from today as classes start for the year in most states and territories.

Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles said drivers need to take extra care with more children around and 40km/hour speed zones around schools back in force.

“With school returning, we are obviously going to see more cars on the road around schools and therefore more kids near the traffic,” Mr Giles said.

“It is important that all drivers be vigilant, especially in the first week of school returning and young students attending for the first time.”

He pointed out that around Australia road crashes are a leading cause of accidental death and serious injury for children 16 years and younger and cautioned it is absolutely imperative that we all take care around school zones. He said children must also ensure that they follow the road rules to ensure their own safety.

Road users are also reminded that there will be children riding their bikes to school and to be aware that some will be doing so for the first time this year.

“Parents should also ensure their children wear their helmets when riding to and from school,” Mr Giles said.

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