Ministers approve changes to fatigue laws

The Australian Transport Council (ATC) has reached agreement on a uniform and more practical approach to counting time, based on the way time is counted in New South Wales and Queensland.

NTC Chief Executive Mr Dimopoulos said, “It’s important for industry to remember that the changes will only come into effect once relevant state and territory governments pass the revised legislation.”

ATC has also approved the National Transport Commission (NTC) undertaking important work on further improvements to the legislation as a priority.

“The NTC has already begun working with governments and other stakeholders on these improvements,” said Mr Dimopoulos.

The NTC put the proposed changes to the ATC after working with fatigue experts, industry and governments on a solution to the issue.

“The NTC thanks governments and industry for working so constructively and proactively together with us on this issue,” said Mr Dimopoulos.

“In particular, we acknowledge the Victorian and South Australian Governments who are working closely with us to develop further improvements to the legislation.”

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