Michelin simplifies truck tyre range

Michelin is streamlining its truck tyre line-up with revised segments and names under the motto, “the right tyre for the job”.

According to Michelin, the new structure will make it easier for end-users to identify which truck tyre belongs with which application and its actual working environment.

The products are now divided into six segments:

• X Line- designed for motorway and major road long-haul use
• X Multi- designed for both short- and long-haul use on all types of roads
• X Coach- designed specifically for buses on short or long-haul routes on all road types
• X Works- designed on roads in and around worksites and in quarries
• X InCity- designed for urban and suburban use
• X Force- designed for civilian and military vehicles driven on rough or unpaved surfaces.

The change is in response to confusion from Michelin’s clients over which tyre the operator should be running for the given application. “The new segmentation and naming has been undertaken in consultation with Michelin partners to ensure it fits with their expectation,” Michelin says.

“The ‘right tyre for the job’ approach enables transport companies to get the most out of their tyres, thereby ensuring gains in safety, tread life and fuel efficiency. Within the same range, some products may be optimised to address specific customer needs.”

Michelin says the product name is complimented with an ‘option’ to express the specific benefit. The tyres will also be labelled with segment, or ‘range’ name, option name, axle position and ‘evolution number’, which identifies the tyre generation.

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