Michelin drives customers to authorised dealers

Michelin Australia has launched an initiative to make it easier for consumers to identify an authorised Michelin tyre dealer. The initiative involves displaying new in-store signage from its 750 tyre retail outlets in its nationwide dealer network.

“Tyres are such an important purchasing decision for all drivers. We want to ensure every person that buys Michelin tyres is getting the best advice and the right tyres for their vehicle and needs,” Michelin Australia’s Managing Director, Thierry Martin, said.

According to Michelin Australia, the initiative is the start of a broader awareness campaign that focuses on the benefits of buying tyres from an authorised dealer; including a product range designed for local conditions, expert technical advice and after sales support, as well as the peace of mind of a six year manufacturer’s warranty backed by Michelin.

“Our Authorised Dealer Network has access to the most current and country specific advice and support. They also only sell Michelin tyres that have been designed and approved for Australian conditions,” Martin said. “If the dealership carrying Michelin tyres does not display an authorised dealer sign, we recommend consumers find one that does.”

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