Mercedes Benz to introduce Active Comfort Program for vehicles

Despite government efforts to eliminate driver fatigue through increased regulation, driving tired remains a major issue in the transport industry. As a result, German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is now investigating driver wellness, including combating fatigue, using the brand's TopFitTruck.

The TopFitTruck is a research vehicle fitted with technologies aimed at not only keeping the driver rested, but also to help them keep fit while they are on the road. While some of the design features, including enhanced driver ergonomics, improved noise proofing and better fresh air flow through the cab, are being incorporated in production versions of the Actros, a number of the ideas are still only in the test phase.

Head of Human Factors at Daimler Jorn Petersen says his team is developing a fitness program for drivers that can be tailored to specific applications, including truck driving. 

The power nap is one area Daimler researchers are particularly focused on for truck drivers, recognising it is an important part of the driving routine to allow the body to recharge before returning to the road.Therefore, the TopFitTruck includes a massage function in the driver’s seat and a custom cushion that fits over the steering wheel, allowing the driver to stretch out with the seat reclined for a better rest.


Other features included in the project are a spacious interior, Intelligent Light System, climate control, rain sensor, easily accessible switch controls, Night View assist, engine soundproofing, better suspension construction and Linguatronic voice control. 

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