Martins Stock Haulage unveils latest 130-tonne-rated Super-Liner

Mack SuperLiner, livestock spec.

Leading livestock carrier, Martins Stock Haulage, has landed its latest Mack prime mover.

The 130-tonne rated Super-Liner is the fourth in the fleet and sixth Mack unit to be introduced by the OEM.

There are two more Mack Titans set for delivery later in the year.

The new partnership with Mack, which was inaugurated last year to much fanfare with an audacious-looking pink Super-Liner, transpired after supply bottlenecks saw it require trucks urgently for a major customer.

The new Mack Super-Liner is earmarked for work in central and western Queensland where it will eventually amass 200,000 kilometres a year pulling a B-triple or triple roadtrains.

These Macks are fitted with sleeper cabs, proprietary Mack powertrains with a 685hp MP10 engine, paired to a mDRIVE 14-speed gearbox with XHD Deep Reduction Gearing.

The driver, according to Adam Ross, Martins Stock Haulage General Manager, absolutely loves it.

“The ride and room in the cab has great appeal and the driver is very happy with it,” he told Prime Mover.

“Our drivers can be out on a job for two and three weeks at a time. Not only do they need to know how to work with cattle, but they also have to be a diesel mechanic given they work so remotely.”

It makes the 58” High Rise Sleeper even more of a necessity. So far it’s proven a big hit with the drivers that have been allocated a Mack truck.

In addition to the Mack Air Ride Suspension, Martins Stock Haulage opted for Base Air on the front and back of the rig, an advanced method of pressure-control designed for heavy-vehicles.

Installed into existing air suspension, Base Air is a method of pressure-control that allows vehicles to operate between single and dual-circuit air suspension as required.

The improvement to the ride for both driver and precious cargo, according to Ross, has been noticeable.

“Base Air has made a big difference across the combination and the cargo,” said Ross.

“In the livestock game any improvements we can make to load share and balance are paramount.”

The business customarily runs three types of spec, two in Queensland in the heavy 140-tonne range and 130-tonne applications and 106-tonnes under mass management in New South Wales.

The fleet now has 85 prime movers.

It’s proven a busy period for new trucks at the livestock transporter with Martins this week receiving delivery of two new Kenworth 50th anniversary SAR Legends in Newcastle, one of which is the 350th new Kenworth purchased by the carrier.

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