MAN in development of hybrid heavy-duty truck

German truck manufacturer MAN is developing a hybrid heavy duty truck in conjunction with US automotive component supplier Remy and global engineering firm Benteler.

Remy, well known for its manufacture of automotive alternators and starter motors, will provide its HVH410 electric traction motor and generator for the project.

The vehicle, called the Metropolis, is capable of performing heavy-duty transport tasks, such as refuse collection, mostly without emissions and almost completely without noise.

A lithium-ion battery is located beneath the cab and drives the Remy electric motor, with additional power and range extension if required being supplied by a V6 diesel engine from Volkswagen that delivers 150kW (205hp).

The battery can easily be recharged from a normal mains socket and the electric operation has been designed for a full day shift which typically for an urban waste collection vehicle comprises of two four hour sessions of collection and 15 kilometres of stop-go operation. It is expected that the diesel “range extender” engine will only be required occasionally during each shift if at all.

The Metropolis is based on a MAN TGS 6×2 or 6×4 chassis and the electric motor produces 203kW of power and drives the rear wheels through a two speed automatic gearbox. Auxiliary units such as air conditioning, power steering and the pump to power the hydraulics for the refuse functions are all operated electrically.

Tare weight and weight distribution are similar to a regular diesel powered MAN TGS. The Metropolis is about to participate in a two year “real-world” assessment on waste collection duties in several Belgian cities.

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