Making a logical switch

In the greater commercial road transport industry, the task at hand can vary wildly depending on the cargo, destination, routes and equipment used – to name just a few. However, one constant among all these variables is that if a truck isn’t moving, it isn’t making money – and so far, a truck can’t go anywhere without a driver.

To minimise downtime, it is necessary to recruit a driver who will not only fill the role quickly, but also possess the required skills and attitude to match the nuances of the job. Though a tricky task in an industry with a well-publicised driver shortage, placing drivers in suitable roles is the specialty of transport recruitment firm, Logical Staffing Solutions.

According to David Ackland – who has been working through Logical for nearly five years – the recruitment company goes beyond the minimum standards when placing drivers for its clients. “The minimum requirements are thorough in themselves,” he notes. “Of course, all drivers wanting to work for Logical must hold a heavy combination or multi-combination licence, have years of experience behind the wheel, and complete a series of background, medical and police checks before they’re put on the books.”

But the process goes further than that, David adds, explaining that Logical also considers attitudes, presentation, special skills and personal capabilities, ensuring that the driver will be able to begin the job immediately. “For example, if a client has a narrow loading dock that requires tight reversing, Logical will ensure it assigns a driver with the skill set to carry out the task with ease,” David says. “This may involve a driver assessment or additional checks – Logical is thorough about making sure it sends the client the best driver for the job.”

According to David, this also ensures that the drivers are completely comfortable to take on the jobs that Logical places them in. “Professional recruiting is all about matching the skills and capabilities of an employee to what the client wants, and Logical specialises at filling that gap,” he explains. “They’re real people who have a good affinity with the drivers, which helps them match the right drivers to the right job and keep the wheels turning.”

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