Mack to expand RSA technology across entire range

Mack Trucks is bringing its Road Stability Advantage (RSA) technology currently used in concrete agitators to the entire truck range.

According to Mack, the RSA system was designed to help protect truck drivers by using information from a series of sensors to respond to potentially hazardous situations.

The stability feature aims to prevent rollovers by automatically applying the brakes if a truck makes a sharp turn, changes lanes suddenly or is faced with obstacles on the road such as wet or icy surfaces.

“This technology has significantly improved the safety of concrete agitators, which have an increased chance of rolling over compared to similar-sized trucks, due to their dynamic loads and high centre of gravity,” Mack stated.

Mack customer Boral was named as one of three finalists at the 2013 NSW SafeWork Awards for ‘Best solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue’ and has recently ordered 43 Mack concrete trucks complete with the anti-roll system.

“There was a great need in the market to find a solution to the dangers associated with concrete trucks and we rose to the challenge,” said Mack’s Vice President Sales, Dean Bestwick.

“RSA is currently available as a specification for concrete trucks and by the end of the year it will be available across Mack’s entire model range for all of our customers nationwide.”

Boral Fleet Manager, Concrete, Adam Tointon, commented, “The concrete industry is committed to improving safety and the RSA has helped to reduce workplace hazards. RSA is now a standard specification in all new concrete trucks. Since this introduction there has been a significant reduction in truck related accidents, such as trucks tipping and collisions.”

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