Logistics Council releases election wishlist

Called 'Time to Deliver', a new document has been released by the Australian Logistics Council to outline its election priorities with a number projects and reforms to improve supply chain efficiency.

“Time to Deliver challenges both major parties to deliver on a number of major infrastructure projects, long term freight plans and reforms to increase productivity, reduce red tape and improve safety in the freight logistics industry,” said Michael Kilgariff, ALC Managing Director. “Headlining ALC’s election priorities for infrastructure are progressing the Inland Rail link and a second Sydney airport at Badgery’s Creek, both of which are seen by the freight logistics industry as critical to improving productivity, efficiency and safety.

“An inland rail route linking Brisbane and Melbourne has long been talked about as a key piece of infrastructure Australia needs to meet our rising freight task on the north south corridor. A study undertaken a few years ago found an inland rail line would, in time, be economically viable, and would help to free up capacity through Sydney which is often a freight bottleneck, due to passenger services being granted priority.”

The ALC is asking for the commissioning of a follow up study to further examine the inland rail line's feasibility. It is also calling for the government to preserve and protect the preferred alignment now so the land will be available when the inland rail freight line is eventually built.


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