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Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services, delved into its long years of know-how in navigation technology to develop an innovative application program for the iPhone. It satisfies in-vehicle demands for clear-cut operating menus and easy orientation as well as for precise, reliable route guidance.

In addition, the new iPhone application from Bosch offers different driver assistance functions, including such features as a three-dimensional map view with distinctive landmarks, warnings when the vehicle’s speed approaching a curve is too high and Eco navigation, which allows the choice of a fuel-optimised route.

On the basis of enhanced navigation data, this feature evaluates different road attributes, which can include such things as the number of towns or places to be passed through or intersections along the route. With the help of these route recommendations based on individual route profiles, the Bosch navigation app is able to reduce fuel consumption, which translates as a considerable reduction in fuel costs as well as in CO2 emissions.

Besides, Bosch has released the Light ‘Em Up Dyno application for iPhones, turning the mobile phone into a portable dynamometer. In addition, it measures the vehicle’s acceleration and the occurring g-force. The full version of the application can also provide quarter-mile, eighth-mile, 330-foot, and 60-foot trap speeds and times, horsepower estimates at the crank, and a real-time speedometer.

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