LINX Cargo Care Group supports hay convoy for Victorian bushfire relief

Forestry-aligned logistics company, C3, a subsidiary of LINX Cargo Care Group, has participated in a truck convoy to help farmers affected by recent bushfires in Bairnsdale.

C3 drivers, Stuart Clark and Peter Keem, joined 29 other local truck operators in running 1500 round bales of hay from Portland to farms near fire ravaged East Gippsland.

The 530-kilometre journey completed last weekend saw C3 itself deliver 220 bales of hay with a pair of Mercedes Actros 2653 coupled with B-doubles kindly loaned to the cause by C3 partner, Force 8.

All 31 trucks were welcomed in Bairnsdale with a police escort.

It was an emotional journey for those involved according to Hayley Elkington C3 Forestry Manager.

“For the many volunteers who gladly gave up their weekend to be part of such an important initiative it was pleasing to see it come together so well and very humbling at the same time,” she said.

“Seeing the reaction of people in these areas laid to waste by fire and drought and their appreciation upon arrival of the hay was an experience that will stay with us,” Elkington said.

A former captain in the Australian army, deployed in 2017 to Iraq for six months, Elkington has experience in dealing with complex logistics with a skillset suited to the ever-changing environment of forestry.

She was previously with Roads Maritime Services in Sydney.

Driver Stuart Clark, whose son Dale Clark also piloted a truck along with stablemate Jason Cambell, at transport specialist Mibus Bros, said the response from the Portland community was overwhelming.

“There were more donors than we could have hoped for and we had to get more trucks with all the hay we ended up with from local businesses,” he said.

The reception the drivers were given by locals from farming communities like Buchan South, according to Clark, made it all worthwhile.

“We were ecstatic with how the whole event went and I was very proud to be part of it,” Clark said.

The convoy was organised by Warrnambool owner-operator Edward White.
As part of ongoing drought and fire relief efforts provided by LINX Cargo Care Group, C3 is supporting forestry customers to find salvage solutions for plantations of burnt timber in NSW and Victoria.

LINX Port Services at Western Port, VIC, has already joined forces with its customer BlueScope, to assist the Australian Defence Force and emergency services receive and care for the evacuated 1,092 people and pets from Mallacoota in early January.

“Following these devastating fires it's a focus for our group to help where we can and contribute to communities in need and communities in which we operate during this challenging time,” said Elkington.

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