Linfox’s takes delivery of new SCR Scanias

In a deal Scania considers to be the biggest it has concluded with logistics company Linfox in “many years”, 55 P-Series 440 hp SCR prime movers have been delivered to Linfox operations in Victoria and New South Wales.

“Linfox is pleased to add Scania’s new prime movers to our growing fleet of more than 5,000 vehicles,” said Ray Gamble, Linfox President Fleet and Procurement. “The Euro 5 vehicles adhere to Linfox’s on-going commitment to the safety of our drivers and the sustainability and reliability of our operations.”

The 440hp SCR engine is the most powerful six-cylinder engine available with the P-Series cab, and offers 2,300 Nm (1696 ft lb) of torque between 1,000 and 1,300 rpm. The 6×4 prime movers use the fully automated Opticruise AMT, are fitted with ABS, traction control and are compatible with trailer Electronic Braking Systems.

“We are very pleased to be delivering such a significant order of fuel-efficient and safe vehicles to Linfox for use with some of their very high profile clients,” said Roger McCarthy, Scania Australia’s Managing Director. “We signed the order late last year, and the factory was able to paint the trucks in the iconic Linfox red and yellow as part of the production process.

“The vehicles will be maintained by Scania workshops on a scheduled servicing and repair programme that offers Linfox a known cost-per-km for the duration of the contract. This is an example of how the Scania Total Transport Solution concept works to provide efficient whole-of-life running costs for Linfox.”

As part of its 'Total Transport Solution', Scania has deployed its 'Master Driver Trainers' to train the Linfox driver trainers in the use of the Scania driver support functions inside the cabins.

“The vehicles are equipped with the new Scania Fully Automated Opticruise gear-changing system, as well as the Scania Retarder, and Scania Driver Support, all of which enable the driver to reduce consumption and emissions, while at the same time maintaining safe and efficient work practices,” said Steven Alberse, Scania National Fleet Sales Manager.

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