Linfox’s Andrew Niven to speak at Trucking Australia 2014


Linfox safety guru Andrew Niven will share his strategies for improving industry health and wellbeing at the Australian Trucking Association’s (ATA) Trucking Australia 2014 event.

Niven is the Group Manager, Safety and Sustainability for Linfox Asia-Pacific. In this role he supports Linfox’s vision ZERO strategy, promoting healthy lifestyles, early recognition and intervention with serious illnesses, as well as creating a supportive environment for mental health.

“We are at the crossroads every day – our people, our industry, each one of us. For me, that crossroads is what I eat or don’t eat, what exercise I do or don’t do, what medical checks I do or delay,” Niven said.

“At Trucking Australia 2014, I’ll be going over some of the ways we can start instigating this change towards better health and wellbeing. Ultimately, any change starts with us.” 

As well as delivering his keynote presentation, Mr Niven will help lead a forum where delegates will discuss their ideas about how to promote health and wellbeing in the industry, and how to make trucking an industry of choice.
In this forum, operators will be able to share notes on effective strategies already in place in their businesses, as well as highlighting areas where improvement is needed.

The ideas developed by delegates in this and other forums during Trucking Australia 2014 will feed into the ATA’s strategic plan, which determines its lobbying, communications and research priorities.

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