Linfox unveils new 36-metre A-double

Linfox A-double.

Logistics and transport company, Linfox, has launched what it claims to be an Australian first for high productivity freight vehicles.

The new Volvo A-double, which completed its first round-trip between Melbourne and Sydney last week, combines two 48-foot containers giving it an overall length of 36 metres.

The Linfox Intermodal team unveiled the new A-double this week marking the completion of a 12-month design and build project.

Essential freight routes, some of which had been neglected and left vulnerable by adverse weather events, had made it incumbent upon carriers to build stronger partnerships with government to ensure new freight strategies enabled more efficient supply chains.

“The new configuration allows us to transport more palletised stock for our customers, providing us more opportunities and options to support our communities during unexpected road and rail outages,” the company said in an online statement.

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