Linfox to be “first mover” on electric vehicle technology

Peter Fox, Chairman of Australian logistics company Linfox, has shared his thoughts on the viability of electric truck in Australia in an interview with The Australian Financial Review.

Fox noted that while he is keen on electric trucks, the company will wait until highways are equipped with charging stations before upgrading its fuel-powered fleet.

“We can’t update 7,000 vehicles in one day and make them more electric,” he said. “And if I did, I would have charging stations – it’s a great concept, but it’s going to have a slow uptake.”

Fox told the newspaper that electric vehicles have “a part to play in the future,” and that Linfox is conducting its own tests of electric trucks.

“Given we’re a leader in our industry, where there’s innovation, we will be the first mover,” he said – adding that the logistic company expects to see electric small trucks and vans in operation in the next couple of years.

Fox also shared his belief that the Government should not offer subsidies on electric vehicles to incentivise people to use them, though acknowledged that there was logic in charging older trucks more to use roads, since they produce higher amounts of carbon emissions.

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