Linfox targeting youth

Linfox’s Organisational and People Development (O&PD) staff have attended several career expos to provide information about the company’s development programs. The company places the development of its staff as a key priority and to further enhance this, Linfox is targeting young people to join the business.

The Linfox stall at the RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) Career Expo was well received by students, with approximately 2500 students speaking with Linfox staff, including current graduates.

According to Linfox, the O&PD team focused on students that had completed studies in a wide range of disciplines, including Supply Chain Management, International Business or Logistics Management and Engineering. In addition, Linfox also targeted possible contenders for the Graduate Program at the University of Western Sydney Career Expo and exhibited at the WRICA (Wyndham Region Incorporated Careers Association) Career and Employment Expo in Victoria to promote the Linfox Cadet Program.

For 2011, the Linfox Graduate Program employed 13 Australian graduates and six graduates from Asia for the first time. 12 cadets were also employed this year across six sites in Victoria.

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