Linfox places its largest order with TMHA

The latest Australia-wide order by Linfox will include a mixture of Toyota forklifts, BT pallet movers and Raymond high-lift reach trucks; all supplied by Toyota Material Handling Australia (THMA). Many of the forklifts in this order are three and four wheel electric forklifts from the latest 8-Series range which incorporates several leading safety features.

This order further emphasises the growing relationship between the logistics company and the material handling supplier.

Linfox Logistics Chairman, Peter Fox, explained the relationship with Toyota which only began quite recently, “We place a great deal of accountability with our suppliers. Our dealings have to be transparent.

“Toyota pushed it along. They proposed that there was a lot of benefit to be gained from having a primary relationship over several supply lines.”

Linfox uses both IC and electric forklifts, with purchase decisions determined by the availability of green energy. The company says that it is possible to build an energy efficient case for the use of diesel over electricity, depending on the source of the electricity and the impact of energy transfer.

The latest order however is mostly made up of Toyota’s battery-electric forklifts. TMHA’s Executive Director, Steve Takacs said that this move leads an industry wide trend that is based on the growing availability of clean energy.

“In every respect Linfox’s order reflects the leading edge of industry demand on an environmental level and in terms of OH&S safety considerations as well,” said Steve.

“The 8-series exclusive system of active stability (SAS) and Operator Presence Sensing (OPS) are essential for a company like Linfox, which views safety with the highest regard.

“As the leading forklift company in Australia, TMHA was confident in its ability to provide Linfox with the safe, productive and environmentally friendly MHE it required.”

Steve added, “Be it a manual pallet jack, a counter-balance forklift or a high-lift turret truck, the TMHA MHE range is Australia’s number one for breadth of range, with a reputation for product quality backed by our 100 per cent fully-owned TMH branch outlets.”

This order will include 2.5-tonne payload 8FG25 and 3.5-tonne payload 7FG35 forklifts, BT Levio LWE140 “walkie” electric pallet trucks, and Raymond 7600 sit/stand reach trucks with a working height of 10 metres.

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