Linfox orders 55 new Scania trucks

Logistics specialist, Linfox, has ordered 55 new Scania P 440 SCR prime movers, according to the company’s in-house publication, Scania Experience. The trucks will be delivered in the first half of this year and will be used to service a key supermarket contract.

“The P-Series’ low cabin design ensures easy and safe access for Linfox drivers operating in metro environments, as they enter and leave the vehicle many times each day,” said Steve Alberse, Scania Fleet Account Manager.

According to Scania, the P 440’s six-cylinder engine is the most powerful engine ever offered in the easy-to-access P-series cab with the ability to deliver 2,300 Nm of torque.

In addition, each P 400 will be equipped with EBS braking units to comply with new EBS-equipped trailers as specified by Linfox.

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