Lindsay Fox promotes mandatory black boxes

Lindsay Fox has hit the media this week pushing for “black box” technology to be fitted to all trucks in Australia.

In a special report with veteran television journalist Ray Martin on the Nine Network’s “A Current Affair” show, Fox was vocal in his call for governments to act quickly to legislate to make data recorders and telemetry systems mandatory.

He said that the main issue that the boxes can address is truck drivers falling asleep. “They fall asleep primarily because they have fatigue. They’ve driven it for too long. I think that something like the black box would make the drivers safer, make the industry safer and importantly make our roads safe.”

Lindsay Fox also told 3AW Melbourne’s Neil  Mitchell: “In Europe, black boxes have reduced accidents in excess of thirty per cent. Australia needs to catch up with this technology to save lives.”

During the television segment, Lindsay Fox received strong support from Transport Workers Union National Secretary, Tony Sheldon. “This is an initiative that Lindsay deserves to be congratulated on. It has made that company safer. It’s made it more efficient. They have a recipe that actually makes sure that they get the best lifesaving value out of the black boxes and there is no reason why other companies can’t be required to do the same thing,” Sheldon told Channel Nine.

The man in charge of the New South Wales Highway Patrol, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, also supported the move to electronic monitoring of truck activity, echoing Lindsay Fox’s comments. “I think something like a black box would make the drivers safer, make the industry safer and importantly make our roads safer,” he said. “Now we have great technology. I think we need to embrace technology and that’s got to be the one thing that improves road safety.”

Linfox Transport has accelerated its own monitoring program, Fox Trax, and Lindsay Fox has named his crusade to mandate the technology across the industry “Safety For Australia, not S.F.A”. 

He also had a message for any bureaucrats or politicians who may oppose the concept: “I don’t give up.”

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