Lights on the Hill Convoy this weekend

This year’s annual Lights on the Hill (LOTH) Convoy is on this weekend (Saturday, 22 February) in Gatton, Queensland.

The weather is expected to be ideal for the two convoys leaving from Brown and Hurley Toowoomba and BP Archerfield in Brisbane, with a south-easterly breeze and daytime temperatures reaching the mid to high 20s.

It will be a perfect day to remember the many truckies that have lost their lives serving the transport industry – yet not to mourn their passing, but rather to celebrate their contribution.

The Convoy raises money for the LOTH organisation for the upkeep and extension of the Memorial Wall that sits overlooking Lake Apex with the names of fallen truckies adorned on it.
Last year, the event attracted over 600 vehicles including trucks, utes and motorbikes.
With a list of fun activities planned for the whole family including kids rides, country music and a bar on hand the LOTH Convoy is expected to be one of the biggest yet and have plenty of great looking rigs.

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