Liberal MP urges overtaking lane on Bells Line of Road

Liberal MP Ray Williams, who has been ejected from state parliament after bringing a stuffed-toy iguana into the lower house in 2008, has called on the NSW Government to improve road safety on the Bells Line of Road between Richmond and Bell, which is used heavily by tippers operating from the Clarence Colliery.

Reportedly, Williams has suggested widening the single-lane road and constructing an overtaking lane to reduce accidents, claiming it would be “a case of Russian Roulette” to use the Bells Line of Road. Due to the sheer size of commercial transport vehicles, the winding, single-lane road would exclude any opportunity to overtake. Williams, who is a member for the Electoral district of Hawkesbury in the New South Wales Parliament, expects motorists to become frustrated and take risks attempting to overtake the trucks between Mount Tomah and North Richmond. Federal governments are currently reviewing Williams’ call.

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