LG partners with DHL on state-of-the-art warehouse

LG Electronics has worked with its logistics and warehousing partner DHL to relocate its New South Wales distribution centre to a new feature-laden warehouse in Erskine Park.

The new site works in conjunction with LG’s other DHL-managed warehouses across Australia.

To meet LG’s sustainability ambitions, the new site is powered by 100 per cent renewable electricity sourced from its 198kWp solar panels on the warehouse’s rooftop, along with renewable sources for any additional electricity required by the site.

The site also benefits from polycarbonate roof panels which maximise daylight use, energy-efficient ventilation and HVAC system and water efficient fittings.

DHL Supply Chain ANZ CEO Steve Thompsett said that the latest warehouse for LG is a great outcome resulting from a strong collaboration formed over ten years and a thorough understanding of whitegoods logistics and the customer’s needs.

“LG is an incredible business partner and were very pleased that the relationship we’ve developed while managing LG’s domestic transport and warehousing,” he said.

“This has led us to distributing their stock from a warehouse that’s a better fit-for-purpose, while also helping them to manage sustainability requirements and costs,” Thompsett said.

“We’re working with an increasing number of customers who are relying on us to fulfil their supply chain sustainability objectives and we’re proud to establish zero operational CO₂-emitting warehouses for them, tying in with DHL’s global target of net zero emissions by 2050.

“We see this positive development with LG as the step that takes our relationship into the future,” he said.

Chief Financial Officer for LG Electronics Australia and New Zealand, Seung Joo Lee, said he is proud of the results achieved between LG and DHL Supply Chain for the benefit of Australian customers.

“This new warehouse, born out of LG and DHL’s strong relationship, is a great example of what can be achieved through goodwill and collaboration,” he said.

“LG is constantly working to find ways to deliver more for its customers and this new warehouse is helping us to streamline our customer experience, especially in areas like e-commerce.

“In addition, this innovative site helps us to deliver on our sustainability goals, which includes carbon neutrality and reduced waste, to create a better way of life for all,” he said.

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