Legend Logistics launches new business

Legend Logistics has launched a new business.

Legend Logistics has launched Legend Mechanical Services.

Initially established to solely look after the Legend Logistics business, the new service located in Laverton North, provides a tailored heavy vehicle service and maintenance schedule, and is aimed particularly at fleets and owner-operators with vehicle needs.

Routine servicing, as well as preventative maintenance repairs and assessments all fall under the business remit.

The market difference, however, is that the new business can provide 24 our servicing to save the customer downtime.

Over the past two years Fleet Manager Anthony Gregson said both he and Legend Logistics Managing Director Troy Eiken had been inundated with enquiries from heavy vehicle operators and fleet managers for assistance.

That was the prompt, according to Gregson, they needed to open the doors to wider industry.
“LMS was born with the sole goal of bringing back old school mechanical mentality and combining a state of the art facility with the latest in jaltest diagnostic tooling,” said Gregson.

“Our facility also includes modular hoists and fully automated oil systems that provide the specific oil to meet environmental and OEM specifications, full engineering and fabrication services, road worthy and air conditioning repairs, break down service, induction compliance, among other services.”

There are benefits for fleet owners or single vehicle operators — LMS caters to both.

“With 24 hour servicing and repairs we can meet the truck’s maintenance needs while the driver is having his hard earned rest break ready to jump in the truck in the morning, meaning in most instances, a saving to the owner as the truck won’t have any down time,” said Gregson.

“Having a team of mechanics that are passionate about trucks means that the quality of the work is second-to-none.”

Alongside Gregson there is a trainee apprentice and four qualified mechanics with over 100 years of combined industry experience.

Gregson himself has amassed 20 years as a qualified mechanic for Caterpillar and later as a specialised freight driver.

“Knowing just how to fix trucks isn’t enough in this world,” he said.

“Understanding how these vehicles operate in their day-to-day roles is extremely important to the preventative maintenance and diagnostics.

At LMS we have found holes in most maintenance programs and the time spent in workshops when it’s not needed.”

Having the capability to service and maintain trucks and trailers 24 hours a day fills a niche that Gregson believes is highly sought after in the industry and will have positive results on drivers so that they can have their required rest breaks without compromising time on the road.

The initial response from the market has been more than encouraging.

“We are currently looking for more skilled mechanics that are passionate about trucks to help grow LMS and cope with the demand we are receiving,” said Gregson.

LMS is currently in negotiations with a developer for a bigger facility which is about eight months ahead of schedule according to their five-year business plan.

“Having an old school mentality has helped LMS evolve to where it is today, where the drivers and owners can talk directly with myself, a qualified mechanic, who can give them a piece of mind that we care about their livelihood and this isn’t just a job for us, this is our passion,” said Gregson, who is buoyant given the prospects of the business in the present high demand environment.

“The sky is the limit for LMS,” he said.

“We are currently planning and moving towards workshop locations in Perth and Adelaide with Sydney and Brisbane to come in the near future as well,” continued Gregson.

“The goal is to give our customers the level of service and quality that has since been lost in the industry over the last 20years.”

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