LDV announces Australia’s first electric ute

Three new electric vehicles from LDV will arrive in November including Australia’s first electric ute.

The announcement by LDV is considered a significant moment for the Chinese brand in Australia since it first launched locally in 2014.

It’s a fundamental change in product strategy as LDV, once synonymous with value-driven motoring, looks to set the agenda for commercial electric vehicles in Australia which will include the market-first electric ute eT60, category-leading large electric van eDeliver 9 and electric people mover Mifa 9.

LDV is backed by SAIC, one of the world’s largest OEMs with extensive experience as an electric vehicle manufacturer in, arguably, the fastest moving EV market in the world.

“The global auto market is undergoing its most significant revolution in decades,” said Dinesh Chinnappa, General Manager of LDV Australia.

“Every major OEM is committed to developing electric vehicles, but what is less spoken about is the growing influence of China’s EV market on the rest of the world – and we in Australia are now benefiting from that influence with the arrival of eT60, eDeliver 9 and Mifa 9,” he said.

In the first half of 2022, 2.4 million EVs were delivered to customers in China, more than double the total annual new car market in Australia.

EVs now account for 26 per cent of all car sales in China, and 57 per cent of global EV sales.

“China is moving ahead in electrifying its transport industry and it’s bringing the rest of the world – including Australia – with it,” said Chinnappa.

“So LDV is well-placed to take advantage of this new model EV roll-out, and we’re delighted to share some topline, pre-launch, information with you.”

The all-new LDV eT60, Australia’s first fully electric ute, headlines the new product slate.

Based on the successful T60 model, which has been embraced by hard-working Australians to the tune of 22,092 units since its launch, the eT60 brings, according to LDV Australia, the highly specified, value-focused ute into the EV space.

It will initially be offered in 4×2 double cab guise, powered by an 88.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack, with a range advertised of up to 330km.

Charging from 5-100 per cent using an 11kw charger takes approximately nine hours, while the eT60’s DC fast-charging capability will charge from 20 to 80 per cent in approximately 45 mins.

The LDV eDeliver 9, represents the first electric large van from the brand.

LDV eDeliver 9.

In two short years the ICE variant, the Deliver 9, has become the number-one selling large van in Australia, delivering 3915 units since launch, resulting in 12.2 per cent market share year-to-date.

The eDeliver 9 builds on this reputation and will be available in long wheelbase mid- and high-roof variants, along with cab chassis options.

The vans are powered by an 88.5kWH lithium-ion battery back and capable of 280km (WLTP, based on mid roof model).

This makes the eDeliver 9 an ideal partner in last mile delivery situations according to LDV.

Charging time for the eDeliver 9 via a 3-phase AC charger takes approximately nine hours with a maximum charge rate of 11kw, while DC fast-charging takes approximately 45 minutes to go from 20-80% charge at a maximum rate of 80kw.

The LDV Mifa 9, a luxury electric people mover, seats up to seven people.

It will arrive in three variants and is expected to secure a 5-Star Euro NCAP rating as it features autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, rear collision warning system, lane departure warning, lane change assist, emergency lane keep assist, electronic stability control and fatigue reminder.

Mifa 9 is powered by a 90kWh lithium-ion battery delivering a WLTP combined range of up to 440km depending on the variant.

Charging time for the Mifa 9 via an 11kw charger takes approximately 8.5 hours, while DC fast-charging takes approximately 36 minutes to charge from 20-80 per cent full.

Full details, specification and pricing of the eT60, eDeliver 9 and Mifa 9 will be revealed during the launch phase in November.

“The Australian auto industry is at a crucial pivot point and embarking on a journey many countries commenced years ago,” said Chinnappa.

“LDV is at the forefront of this journey for commercial vehicles. We have moved from challenger brand to innovator brand. With 92 dealers across the country it’s important we continue to lay the key building blocks for the brand’s future – which is why we’re excited to announce the upcoming arrival of Australia’s first electric ute, eT60, the eDeliver 9 large van, and the Mifa 9 luxury electric people mover. I look forward to sharing more information in November.”

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