Latest information on permits for Port of Brisbane

Making life easier for operators seeking permits to access Port of Brisbane (PBPL) roads, the Port has pre-approved consent to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) for vehicles which already have Mass Import Management Scheme (MIMS) or Mass Export Management Scheme (MEMS) permits.

According to the Queensland Trucking Association (QTA) newsletter, PBPL pre-approval means the NHVR will not need to approach PBPL for consent to access Port roads for individual MIMS or MEMS permit renewals.

“In part, this pre-approval was in response to an exporter whose MEMS permit expires in March, and who needed to get it renewed,” the QTA stated. “Previously this would have only required an application to Transport and Main Roads (TMR), but now the application has to be sent to NHVR, who then seeks consent from road managers, such as TMR (for state controlled roads), the Port (for Port of Brisbane roads) and local government (for local government roads).

According to the QTA, exporters holding an MEMS permit which expires this year should seek renewal early. “The situation regarding MIMS permits is similar, even though they are held by the carrier,” said the QTA.

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