K&S Transport trials new DAF XF105 in tropical North Queensland

Kelvyn Fuller and his wife Shirley own and run K&S Transport out of Hemmant, just east of the Gateway Bridge in Brisbane. With a fleet of 21 trucks and a few more trailers, they provide general distribution transport around Brisbane and out west, plus a specialist run keeping Cairns stocked with one of the essential food groups – Maccas.

Carting bananas on the return run, the truck for this job has to do big distances like clockwork, all the time keeping the driver alert and comfortable.
DAF’s XF105 has been testing on this run with Kelvyn’s fleet for several months now, mixing it with DAF CF85s and Kenworths. The trial has both surprised Kelvyn and his driver. “He’s as happy as pig in (you know what),” said Kelvyn. “It’ll be difficult getting him out of it when the test is over.”

Kelvyn drove the truck himself on a run to Roma when the driver was ill, and was very surprised at the value of the features on board. The adaptive cruise control was a benefit he hadn’t experienced before. “I was amazed at how the truck eased itself up to speed,” he said.

The XF is running at a fuel average of 3.7 kilometres per litre, which is changing the planning of the top-up stops that his drivers usually have to stick to. Kelvyn and his drivers are especially impressed with the XF’s safety features, such as the side cameras and anti-collision warnings.
“As far as power is concerned, the XF stays comfortably with a more powerful Aerodyne Series 60 no matter what the road conditions.”

K&S Transport is focused on efficiency rather than brute force. The 510hp and 2500Nm of torque in the new XF105 is more than enough for single trailer use, and Kelvyn said that he won’t be hesitating to hook it up to a B-double as the work expands.

DAF’s new flagship model has undergone extensive testing across Australia in preparation for release here and brings the brand's European heritage to heavy-duty truck owner/operators and fleets similar to K&S Transport. Safety conscious operators will find the XF105 leads its class in the essentials of modern long-distance operations, and drivers will find the biggest DAF the easiest to work in, with five-star comfort and ease of operation when they‘re on board.

Awarded European Truck of the Year on its release, and with an emissions standard that exceeds the current ADR80/03 requirements, the new XF105 deserves a test drive by operators keen to make the XF105’s exceptional comfort, safety and efficiency part of their business, according to Kelvyn.


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