KS Easter welcomes new roadtrain-rated Volvos

KS Easter Volvo FH16.

Brisbane-based freight carrier, KS Easter, has taken delivery of 16 Volvo FH16 prime movers.

These roadtrain-rated 600 horsepower Globetrotters are part of an order comprising around 20 units.

Some are equipped with double bunks for two-up drivers on linehaul duties into the major capital cities across the eastern seaboard including Adelaide.

KS Easter, which operates 40 Volvos in its fleet, recently launched four A-doubles running interstate between Melbourne and Sydney, return, daily that these new prime movers have been assigned.

KS Easter, since it was founded in Newcastle nearly 50 years ago, keeps abreast of the latest in truck technology.

Every vehicle in the fleet, including all A-trailers, have low maintenance non-greasable fifth wheels.

KS Easter Managing Director Ken Easter described the Volvo product as consistent, honest and reliable.

“It’s a known quantity to us. We’ve had enough of them in the fleet,” he told Prime Mover.

“We’re happy with the fuel.

“Out of the box, they’re the best thing we buy.”

The Euro 5 powertrain offers up to 3150 Nm of pure torque and the I-Shift transmission with crawler gears facilitates strong pickup response especially when moving goods in the higher echelons of heavy mass.

“For liftoff it provides a bit of ease on the clutch if they have a reasonable amount of weight on them,” said Easter.

“It’s good to have the extra crawler gears just in case.”

The Volvos will also be designated some B-triple work once it becomes more consistent.

The KS Easter fleet now runs, after replacement programs, just over 100 prime movers and 290 trailers.

Earlier in the year, KS Easter in partnership with StarTrack, deployed its first A-double high productivity vehicle out of StarTrack facility in Sydney.

A new Volvo FH16 pulls a KS Easter B-triple.
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