Key SCOTI meeting scheduled this Friday

The Standing Council on Transport Infrastructure (SCOTI) will meet this Friday to consider the National Transport Commission’s findings and recommendations following its review of the current heavy vehicle charging systems.

The review is to have assessed how the charging system has performed since the last determination in 2007 and examine improvements that are possible within the existing charges framework.

SCOTI is made up of the transport ministers from each state and territory as well as the Federal government and also includes representatives from New Zealand. The Council meets twice a year and the road transport industry will be particularly interested in the outcome of this week’s meeting.

Calls for a fundamental change in the heavy vehicle charging system have come from a many sectors of the industry with the majority seeming to favour much reduced vehicle registration fees to be offset by larger excise charges on diesel fuel used by road transport vehicles.  Along with a reduction in the quantum of the registration fees, there has been much debate as to the formulation of them relative to axle groupings. 

The new structure and charges, if any, are due to be implemented from 1 July 2014, the same date that the Carbon Tax is set to apply to the road transport industry.

The NTC has conducted a number of open forums around Australia during the first quarter of this year and has received written submissions from industry associations and individuals.

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