Kenworth introduces new K200 interior

Kenworth’s best-selling model, the K200 cab-over, has undergone a major interior update. The new, ergonomically-designed cabin features a host of innovations which greatly improve driver comfort, safety and productivity.

The enhanced interior, which goes into full production in July 2012, boasts Kenworth’s first Smart Wheel, a steering wheel with finger-tip controls for crucial functions. It also includes a curved and redesigned dash and overhead console as well as increased storage.

The interior attracted widespread industry interest and praise when it was publicly unveiled, both in a K200 and a cutaway cab display, at the 2012 International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show in Melbourne in March.

Kenworth’s Director Sales and Marketing, Andrew Hadjikakou, said he was delighted with the response from not only customers and drivers but also the industry media. “Everybody was impressed with the driver-friendly innovations. And they liked the sleek, intuitive design with all important features within easy reach,” said Mr Hadjikakou. “People also appreciated the overall spaciousness and comfort, and Kenworth’s quality build and fittings.

“The K200 is a perfect example of our philosophy of continuous improvement through evolutionary design. The new interior is fully appointed, and extremely comfortable to operate and live in when on the road,” said Mr Hadjikakou.

In addition, by rearranging the console layout, Kenworth has added two extra storage compartments above the driver and another on the passenger side.

“One of our design objectives was to provide operators with as many practical storage options as possible,” said Mr Hadjikakou. “Where drivers store their gear is very subjective. So we offer a mix of closed lockers, open pockets and compartments with shelving. This makes our storage areas multi-purpose to suit individual needs.”

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