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Less than a year after CRT Australia moved into the social media space, a vibrant online community is shaping up on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Almost 10,000 people have subscribed to the twice weekly CRT eNewletter, and more than 500 industry professionals are following CRT Australia’s LinkedIn Group and Twitter account.

According to Managing Editor Sebastian Grote, CRT Australia’s foray into social media is highly successful and has opened up new ways to communicate with the transport community, engaging CRT Australia’s entire team of journalists and correspondents based all around Australia.

CRT Australia’s industry-leading stable of print publications – including Prime Mover Magazine, Trailer and Global Trailer – actively adds value to the online community as well, providing exclusive content for the virtual audience.

“Social media have become a vital part of everyday life and Prime Creative Media, the publishing house behind CRT Australia, has always been at the forefront of implementing new, innovative technologies into our business,” he said.

“Now we can really see the effort paying off. CRT Australia has become an acclaimed industry resource in the digital space as well.”

Prime Creative media represents Australia’s highly recognised B2B publications and online media service, as well as the International Truck Trailer & Equipment Show and the CRT eNewsletter.

“LinkedIn and Twitter are the right platforms to create a business-oriented community,” said Grote. “Please join us online today and engage in the conversation.”

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