Joachim Rosenberg: Volvo Group Executive VP

Late last year, the Volvo Group announced plans to have a new organisation better utilising the global potential of the brands and products within the truck operations from January of this year. Sales and marketing of all of the truck companies were organised into three regional units, directly under CEO Olof Persson, while all product development and production of trucks and engines were to be placed in two new central organisational units, also under the CEO.

Having previously been divided into four different brand companies, Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks, Mack Trucks and UD Trucks, marketing, sales and brand responsibility for the truck companies are now be conducted in three new geographic, organisational units reporting directly to Olof Persson – Group Trucks Sales and Marketing Americas (comprising all of North and South America) with global responsibility for the Mack brand, under the leadership of Dennis Slagle, currently President of North American Trucks.; Group Trucks Sales and Marketing EMEA (comprising Europe, the Middle East and Africa) with global responsibility for the Volvo and Renault brands, under the leadership of Peter Karlsten, currently President of Volvo Powertrain and Chief Technology Officer for the Group; and Group Trucks Sales and Marketing APAC (comprising Asia and Pacific and including Australia) with global responsibility for the UD Trucks brand, UD, under the leadership of Joachim Rosenberg.

Joachim was previously President of Asia Truck Operations (ATO) and assumed his new position and appointed as a member of the Executive Committee of Volvo Group AB just prior to a recent visit to Australia. He arrived in Sydney from Auckland following leg 4 of the Volvo Great Ocean Race where he presented prizes.

“Australia and New Zealand are some of the most competitive truck markets in the world, with 17 truck makes represented in this country and 20 in New Zealand. Having so many players the markets are unlike any others and both offer significant differences in operating conditions and customer requirements making them unique,” Joachim states.

“Australia is an extremely important market and with its challenges for road transport operators, and with Volvo’s 45 year presence in the truck market and 40 years of manufacturing here, we have been able to develop a truck range specifically for its conditions based on a high level of experience.

“But we have extensive experience in other demanding markets such as Malaysia and Vietnam, also part of my area, and I can tell you that Volvo research and development carried out in Australia has contributed significantly to the success of our trucks in those regions.”

The Asia Pacific truck market is one of the world’s largest and Volvo has been highly successful across all regions, establishing a 14-fold increase in sales across the last 14 years, something the company is intent on increasing each and every year.

“We cannot rest on our laurels, rather we are working solidly to further increase our appeal to customers. Customers are the heart of our business in all global areas and Volvo is constantly working on product improvement, safety initiatives, fuel economy and, importantly, environmental gains to keep Volvo at a lead position regardless of where it is in the world,” Joachim points out.

“Safety and emissions has always been a hallmark of Volvo and today everybody is concerned with the impact of both in truck operations globally. Volvo is the leader through ongoing development and recognition of ever changing needs due to changes in traffic movements and the need to have trucks working in the safest manner possible and at peak efficiency at all times.”

The Volvo Group in Australia is enjoying significant sales increases across its brands, further strengthening its presence in a highly competitive marketplace with a diverse range of operating applications and environments, and Joachim sees this as a precursor to further sales increases.

“Our product line-up across our brands has never been stronger or better, but on-going development ensures we continue to meet, or exceed, the demands of our customers. We closely monitor transportation needs and ensure we can supply trucks that fit neatly and accordingly into road transporters unique applications. This is something Volvo is known for and will continue,” he says.

Joachim Rosenberg says he will be no stranger to Australia and plans to look at all areas of truck operation, studying all aspects of trucking including terrain, temperature, gross application weight, highway conditions and the unique needs of operators.

“But this is something our highly experienced team of people already are fully familiar with,” Joachim says. “This is something everybody across the brands does as a matter of course which gives customers peace of mind and reliability with every truck we sell.”


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