JJ Lawson celebrate 45 years with special Mack

Container freight forwarder and long time Mack Trucks affiliate JJ Lawson is set to celebrate its 45th anniversary this year.

To mark the milestone, JJ Lawson is having one of its new Mack Granites finished in a special black livery with commemorative signage.

Mack Granites comprise the majority of the 26 commercial vehicles in the company's fleet having purchased its first in the early '90s.

Jim Lawson started JJ Lawson as a customs brokerage business in 1975.

He bought his first truck to improve the transportation of goods following a decision to replace the sub-contractor service the business was until then wholly reliant.

His sons Greg and Martin have now taken over the business, and Greg runs a busy fleet delivering everything from scrap steel to cosmetics.

In 2019 Mack updated its fleet with seven new Mack Granites.

“We run them up to eight years and with Sydney traffic it’s more about hours than kilometres,” said Lawson.

The Mack Granites work 24 hours a day, five days a week moving containers to and from Port Botany throughout Sydney and also to Canberra, Wollongong and Newcastle.

“We’ve got B-Double and A-Double configurations, as well as single-trailers and side-loaders,” said Lawson.

“The Mack Granite is the ideal truck, the tare weight’s just right, and having a single model means our drivers can switch trucks easily,” he said.

The partnership with Mack is based on loyalty, which Lawson places much value when building long-term relationships.

“Mack know our business and know what we need. Their workshop‘s nearby, and they take care of the trucks so we can focus on our clients,” he said.

“We’ve worked with the same people at Mack for years, and we’ve been to a few retirement send-offs. That’s pretty rare these days, it’s a good partnership,” Lawson explained.

JJ Lawson has grown organically over the decades and according to Greg Lawson this comes down to their attitude of customer service.

“We’re not the cheapest carrier in a pretty cut-throat market, but our clients know we’re 100 per cent reliable. We retain our staff, and we’re very service-conscious, as are Mack,” he said.

“We like having a single brand we can be confident with, and that old-school loyalty is definitely a factor.

“Whatever’s in the containers we’re moving—widgets or gold bricks—to us and our customers it’s all gold bricks. Making sure it arrives on time and in perfect condition is what we’re all about. Mack’s support has been key to our ability to do that well for decades, and we expect that to continue in the future.”

Dean Bestwick, Vice President of Sales Mack Australia, said JJ Lawson has built itself a solid reputation as a trusted and reliable freight forwarder.

“They’re a classic example of a business that needs more than just trucks, they want a total transport solution so they can get on with their job. We’re very proud that Mack can provide the solution that helps keep JJ Lawson at the top of their game,” Bestwick said.

(Image: Greg Lawson, JJ Lawson General Manager Transport).

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