JATEC Transport bolsters fleet, rolls out new tech

JATEC Transport 500hp Volvo FM.

Sydney-based specialised carrier, JATEC Transport, has added two new Volvo FHs to its growing fleet, with the arrival of another only weeks away.

The new 500hp rated Volvo FHs join a fleet that specialises in the transportation of over one million pallets each month for around 400 clients in New South Wales.

As part of the fleet spec, JATEC Transport insists on I-Shift Transmissions and a medium chassis height to maximise the capacity of the legal limit of 4.3m.

An additional AC cab cooler for driver comfort has been fitted to help manage their fatigue during the loading and unloading process.

Trucks are also equipped with a fridge to encourage drivers to bring healthy meals and provides access to cold drinks.

The new Volvo FHs feature upgrades like LED headlights and tyre pressure monitoring gauges. They also have the full safety package with lane assist and autonomous braking.

Last month the growing fleet travelled in excess of 116,700 kilometres.

In what has been a busy start to the year for the company, it has also rolled out a new transport management system (TMS) ahead of the introduction of a ‘sign-on-glass’ (SOG) system, another recent initiative introduced by the team.

The TMS is attached to the dashcams in the truck cabins and will feed through to its Upstream sign-on-glass.

Fleetsu is part of a robust change management plan.

Caitlin Barlow, JATEC Transport Business Development Manager anticipates it will help to deliver better driver monitoring and improve safety outcomes.

“Training will be diverse to meet everyone’s learning abilities. We understand not everyone processes new information the same way,” she said.

“Management can make calls but when it hits the ground it doesn’t necessarily work for everyone, which is why our drivers have been involved throughout this whole process,” said Barlow.

“Every adversity we could think of has been considered in regard to the rollout.”

Previous to this the carrier relied on Volvo Connect.

The TMS provides real-time alerts on harsh braking, following distances and snippets of driver inattention, drowsiness, mobile phone use, even smoking.

“Once these snippets are recorded in the TMS we can review each one to see what happened, who was at fault and then go over it with the driver,” said Barlow.

Some of the drivers in the fleet have been nominated as champions of the new Fleetsu and ‘sign-on-glass’ system to further support learning needs of the team.

Each driver in the fleet will be equipped with an iPad for the ‘sign-on-glass’ system.

While the existing system wasn’t broken, Barlow said an opportunity presented itself for improvement.

“There’s a lot of paperwork and having helped out accounts on occasion you think to yourself there has to be an easier way to do this,” she said.

The ‘sign-on-glass’ system provides time and date stamping of truck movements, photographic evidence of each truck as it is loaded and unloaded and the ability to provide vital information to clients in real-time.

Because the business specialises on transporting empty pallets, ferrying these direct to customers, JATEC required a customised software system to support their delivery documentation.

Fleetsu will detect the vehicle’s entry and exit of a customer’s geofence. Information is then sent to the ‘sign-on-glass’ devices to record the timeframe of delivery.

This automation will increase data integrity and provide further evidence for demurrage claims if required according to Barlow.

“Our operations team are constantly on the phones to update drivers on delivery information and route changes, the new ‘sign-on-glass’ system will replace this time-consuming task as all information and changes are sent straight to the driver’s device,” she said.

“By digitising our paper-based documentation, human error will be minimised, and sustainability will be enhanced.”

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