Iveco unveils future plans

In an announcement to the European truck press, Iveco has unveiled its plans for a new lineup of engines and trucks in 2014. The European truck market will see major changes in that year as the much more stringent Euro 6 exhaust emission rules will come into force.

Iveco is planning an entire new family of diesel engines using common rail fuel injection. The biggest is a new 16L engine, taking the company into the higher horsepower it has lacked in recent years. The Cursor 8 and 10 engines are to be replaced by a new Cursor 9 and 11 engine range but the current Cursor 13 will remain.

The company is also planning to introduce a major evolution in the Stralis cab in 2012 as a precursor to a complete change in the trucks available. A new lineup of, what are described as, ‘modular and global products’ will be on offer from the Turin-based company from 2014.

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