Iveco introduces its Daily 2017 range

Commercial vehicle manufacturer, Iveco, has launched its 2017MY Daily van and light truck range, introducing new upgrade packages that promote improved safety and performance options.

Iveco Australia Marketing Manager, Darren Swenson, has said the availability of the new option packs would have a two-fold affect for prospective Daily buyers.

“The new pack options allow buyers to more closely align their van or cab chassis specification with the application at hand and to enjoy the cost benefits of grouping several of these options,” said Swenson.

“Also, some prospective buyers may prefer an entry level package that although is still well specified, doesn’t have features that they might not want or need – we can now better cater to these people and provide them Daily ownership at a lower price point.

“And the customers that do still want a full equipment list can have it via the various pack options,” he said.

The ‘Business Premium Pack’ is ideal for courier, pick-up and delivery work, particularly in metropolitan and urban environments, according to Iveco. “Business Premium further increases the functionality of the Daily as a workhorse and business tool,” the manufacturer said in a statement. “The pack includes items such as rear-view camera, Iveconnect multimedia system and GPS, reverse buzzer and integrated fog lights.”

Iveco has said that with the ‘Business Premium Pack’ selected, owners can further up-spec their Daily by adding the ‘Comfort Pack', featuring air-suspended and heated driver’s seat with armrest and in-cabin automatic climate control system. “The third pack option targets efficiency and includes features that help further cut the cost of running a Daily van or cab chassis.”

The ‘Efficiency Pack’ is reportedly available on selected models with both single and dual rear wheels, providing increased payload. “A feature of this Pack is the ‘Ecoswitch’ function,” said Iveco. “Designed for use primarily when the van/cab chassis is only lightly loaded or totally unladed, once pressed, the Ecoswitch reduces vehicle torque leading to reduced fuel consumption.

“To further reduce fuel use, the ‘Efficiency Pack’ also introduces start and stop technology (only available on 2.3-litre 35S variant) which automatically turns off the engine when the van comes to a halt and the clutch is disengaged – the engine then re-fires when the clutch is engaged and accelerator pressed. The start and stop function can be switched off at any time.”
Iveco’s Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) safety feature is included in the ‘Efficiency Pack’, assisting drivers with keeping within their lanes.

The Iveco 2017MY Daily range has a number of “market-leading features” such as large van volume capacity (19.6m3), 7,000kg Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM), and the option for Hi-Matic eight-speed full automatic transmission. Engine options include the Euro5 engine varieties plus the Euro6-rated powerplant, which is reportedly used exclusively in the Daily 4×4 and large 70C 4×2 van.

“The Euro5 engine range comprises two core direct-injection Iveco diesel engines, a 2.3 and a 3.0 litre,” according to Iveco – where the 2.3-litre powerplant has a turbocharger with wastegate and intercooler rated at 93kW at 3,600rpm with a torque of 320Nm at 2,500rpm.

The manufacturer has said that the 3.0 litre offering is also turbocharged, using a variable geometry system and intercooler to produce power of 125kW at 3,500rpm with a torque of 430Nm at 2,600rpm. “In the Daily 4×4 and 70C van, the new Euro6 variant of the 3.0 litre engine is adopted, with output of 180hp and 430 Nm of torque.”

Swenson has said that one area of the Daily’s equipment list that had remained a constant across all ‘Packs’ was safety.

“All new 17MY Daily models retain front and rear disc brakes with ABS, four airbags and the Iveco ‘ESP 9’ program which provides a package of 11 active safety features including Electronic Brake Force Distribution and Electronic Stability Program,” he said.

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