Iveco goes SCR at Euro 6

In Europe, Iveco has announced its new engines designed to meet the strict Euro 6 exhaust emission regulations to be introduced in two years time in the European Union.

The company has announced it will be using just SCR to reduce emissions on its new Cursor and Tector engines. Iveco claims its new system cleans up nitrogen oxides more efficiently than the other systems currently on the market, converting over 95% rather than the 80 to 85% possible currently.

All of the other major truck engine manufacturers are likely to be using a combination of both SCR and EGR to meet the new rules when they come in. By avoiding the use of exhaust gas recirculation in its new engines, Iveco will be avoiding increased heat rejection by the engine and expecting to get better fuel economy.

To achieve the precise control of combustion required to rely solely on SCR, to meet the new particulate matter and nitrogen oxide levels, Iveco will be employing a high pressure multiple event common rail fuel injection system running up to 2200 bar.

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