Iveco displays Glider concept at Challenge Bibendum

At the recent Challenge Bibendum event held in Berlin, Germany, Iveco featured its concept Glider truck. The annual event is organised to bring together the latest technologies being developed around the world to improve the environmental impact from vehicles. Iveco had its Glider concept at the event demonstrating its potential to reduce fuel consumption by 40% when compared to a conventional diesel truck. The truck uses a number of strategies to save energy and recover wasted energy.

The cab roof has 2m² of photovoltaic panels to generate renewable energy. The truck also incorporates a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) and uses the energy generated to power the vehicle’s auxiliary electrical systems. Heat from the exhaust gases is converted into electrical energy through a thermodynamic system. There is a heat exchanger in the exhaust flow which pressurises an organic fluid circuit in order to recover heat and turn it into electrical energy.

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