ITTES visitors test their driving skills

Shell Card was a platinum sponsor of the 2012 ITTES and this year Shell gave truck enthusiasts the opportunity to test their driving skills using the McColl’s Transport Driver Simulator.

“Shell has been a sponsor of the ITTES for the past six years – we are committed to the transport sector and are continuing to invest in infrastructure and products,” said Shell Card Marketing Manager, Gavin Corcoran.

The simulator is the national training module used to train their drivers and has had significant success in increasing their drivers’ fuel efficiency and safety performance.

Two daily prizes were awarded for the Shell Diesel Extra Fuel Efficiency Award and the Shell Card Best On-road Performance Award. Almost 200 show attendees drove the simulator which generated a huge amount of interest and excitement with winners receiving a $500 Coles Express fuel card.

Showgoers who visited the Shell stand had the opportunity to learn about Shell products including Shell Card, Shell Diesel Extra, AdBlue and Shell Rimula and experience the benefits of the Shell product range.

They also had the opportunity to see how Shell Diesel Extra helps reduce fuel consumption and reduce the time it takes to fill up a tank. This was demonstrated by the Shell Diesel Extra test kits.

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